A Popping Noise Sound in a Vizio

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Popping noises may not mean that your Vizio TV needs to be replaced.
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Popping noises on your Vizio TV can become a distraction in the middle of your favorite movie, but, worse than that, they could be the first sign of a problem that needs to be repaired by a licensed Vizio repair center. The popping noises can be the result of your power supply, your speakers or your input source.

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Input Sources

The input sources connected to your TV should be the first thing that you check when searching for the source of a popping sound on your Vizio TV. Change channels or try a new DVD or Blu-ray disc to see if the popping sound persists on each input source. If the popping sounds stop when changing input sources, the issue is with your source and not your TV.

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Loose Connections

The way that your input devices connect to your TV should be examined if you suspect that one of your devices is causing the popping noises in your TV. Examine the cables connecting to your input devices for nicks, frays and tears. If your cables appear to be intact, consider replacing them with cables that support higher shielding. Tighten any coaxial cable connections and firmly press any HDMI, component or composite cables into your TV and input devices.

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Advanced Audio Settings

Your Vizio TV may include advanced audio settings that may be capable of causing popping sounds in your TV. Disable the STS TruVolume settings in the "Advanced Audio" menu and see if the popping noises persist. Your TV may be trying to compensate for a weak audio signal when using a satellite or digital cable signal. Switching your audio source from "HDMI Auto" to "HDMI Fixed" can resolve this issue by providing a stable audio stream to your TV.

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Damaged Power Supply

The power supply in your Vizio TV operates by charging and discharging power capacitors inside of your TV. These capacitors can release an audible popping sound when overcharged and can lead to hardware failure. The power supply of your TV can retain a high-voltage electrical charge for several months after being unplugged and should only be serviced by experienced professionals.