How to Reset an iPad to Factory

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If you want to erase all of the data and settings on an iPad, you can restore the device to its factory specifications. This is a useful option if you are giving the iPad to someone else or if you just want to make a clean start for yourself. There are two ways to restore the iPad; with or without iTunes. If you restore it with iTunes, a backup will be made of your files and apps. Once it is reset, you can restore your files and apps from the backup.

Restoring to Factory Condition With iTunes

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer. Make sure you have the most recent version of the software. Then connect the iPad to the computer.

Step 2

Select the iPad in iTunes. It is located on the sidebar under "Devices."

Step 3

Click "Restore" in the "Summary" window.

Step 4

Click "Back Up." When the backup is completed, a pop-up window will appear.

Step 5

Click "Restore" in the pop-up window. When the iPad is restored to its factory settings, a pop-up window will inform you that the iPad will be restarted. Click "OK."

Step 6

Complete the restore process by loading a backup to the iPad or opting to "Set up as a new iPad." If you select the backup option, you can select which of your recent backups you would like to install from the pop-up window.

Restoring to Factory Condition Without iTunes

Step 1

Turn on the iPad. Select "Settings," "General," then "Reset."

Step 2

Select "Erase All Content and Settings." All the data and settings on the iPad will be erased in about one minute.

Step 3

Select either to restore the iPad from a backup or to use it as a new device the next time you connect it to the computer using iTunes.