How to Stop a Long Backup on an iPhone

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A regular backup is recommended to prevent lost data.

In addition to storing contact information like most cell phones, the iPhone also stores podcasts, downloaded movies, apps and gaming information on its small hard drive. The iPhone has a backup feature that prevents you from losing this information. When plugging the iPhone into iTunes, iTunes automatically starts a backup of the iPhone information. This stores a copy of the iPhone on your computer. Although occasionally necessary, a backup may take a long time. You can quit the process if you just want to sync your phone.


Step 1

Plug your iPhone into the computer to start your sync.

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Step 2

Look at the top of the iTunes screen to see if your backup has started.

Step 3

Cancel the backup by pressing the small 'x' button next to the backup status.


Step 4

Slide the button on your iPhone screen to stop the backup and sync if pressing the 'x' button in iTunes does not work.

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