How to Send Email to an AT&T Cell Phone

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You can send and receive email message from nearly all new cell phones. However, different wireless service providers use different naming conventions for their user's email addresses. AT&T customers use the provider's standard email address naming system. However, AT&T purchased Cingular in 2007, and Cingular customers were able to continue using their Cingular email address for their phone or switch to the AT&T naming system. You can send email to an AT&T cell phone using both AT&T and Cingular email addresses.


Step 1

Launch your email program on your computer or cell phone.

Step 2

Open a new email message or select a message to forward.

Step 3

Type the recipient's email address into the "To" field of the email using the following format for AT&T addresses: 10-digit For example, to send an email to a phone number of (724) 555-9876 you would enter Customers using Cingular addresses would use the following format of For example, a number of (724) 555-4321 would be


Step 4

Click the "Send" button when you are ready to send the email.

Step 5

Check your inbox to make sure there are no "bounce" messages. You will receive a "bounce" message if the email was undeliverable to the address you attempted to send the message to. These are also typically called "mailer daemons." If you receive one, make sure you typed the address correctly.


Due to the buyout of Cingular by AT&T, make certain you know which email address format your friends use to receive their cell phone email. Some people are able to receive email from their regular email address, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, on their phones, so you might be able to use this address in lieu of the address using the mobile number.