How to Forward Email to a Cell Phone Via Text Message

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You can forward important email to your cell phone.

If you have an email that you would like to forward to a cell phone, you can do so via text message. Virtually all cell phone companies now assign an email address to each telephone number on their network. To find the email address, you can send a test message by entering the email address in the "To" field of a text message from the phone, or you can look up the email address by carrier. The prefix of the email address (before the "@" symbol) is almost always the user's telephone number, with no dashes or parentheses. The suffix (subsequent to the "@" symbol) will vary by cell phone provider.


Step 1

Locate the email address of the intended recipient's cell phone (see Resources section).

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Step 2

Open the email that you would like to forward and click "Forward."

Step 3

Enter the subject's telephone number, with no dashes or parenthesis in the "To" field, followed by the carrier's extension. For example, if sending a message to the number 555-123-4545 on the AT&T network, the email address would be entered as



Step 4

Enter a message above the forwarded email if necessary and click "Send." The forwarded email will be delivered as a text message on the recipient's cell phone.



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