How to Underline a Text Message in a Cell Phone

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How to Underline a Text Message in a Cell Phone
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Underlining text messages on cell phones can be done, but it will depend on the type of phone you have and also how you are sending the message to a cell phone. If you are using a Blackberry or PDA device to send a text message to another phone, this can be easily accomplished by formatting your text. However, you can also use a computer to send an enhanced cell phone text message to another user.

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Step 1

Type the message you would like to send via text message on your cell phone PDA. This will be done by using the SMS feature on your PDA to send the message. Highlight the text you would like underlined, and format the text accordingly.

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Step 2

If you are not using a PDA-type phone, you will need to send your text message via an enhanced message system online. If you use Verizon as your carrier, you can visit that website to send an enhanced text message at no extra charge (see Resources). Other carriers have similar features on their websites as well.

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Step 3

Visit your carrier's website for Enhanced Text Message sending options. This will allow you to type text just as you would in an email or document and add corresponding text features such as underlining or boldface.

Step 4

Type in the text message you would like to send and highlight any text you would like underlined.

Step 5

Put in the receiver's cell phone number, as well as your own for the callback number, and click on the send button.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

  • Computer with Internet access

  • Cell phone number of person you want to text


You can also send text messages with these features from many Instant Message platforms—AOL, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger all offer features to send text to a cell phone at no additional charge, other than standard text message rates to the phone's owner.


Some carriers may charge extra for enhanced text options. Check with your carrier before sending any messages this way.