How to Text From a Restricted Number

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Sending a text from a restricted number is not completely anonymous.

Text messaging, also known as SMS, has become a popular way of communicating between mobile phones in recent years. Your telephone number automatically appears on your recipient's device when you send a message from your mobile phone. To send a restricted or anonymous text message, you can use an alternative, web-based third-party solution. These services offer you the ability to send anonymous text messages for free from your computer or web-capable phone.


Step 1

Navigate to the TxtEmNow website (see Resources) and enter the recipient's 10-digit phone number. Select the country, and enter your message in the required fields. Click "Send the Text" to deliver your message. TxtEmNow has a 140-character text limit, including spacing and punctuation.


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Step 2

Navigate to the Text For Free website (see Resources) and enter the recipient's 10-digit mobile phone number and the 140-character message you would like to deliver to the recipient. Select the recipient's mobile service provider from the provided menu and click "Send" to deliver your message.


Step 3

Open your web browser and navigate to the Send Anonymous Text website (see Resources). Select the recipient's country from the drop-down list. Enter the recipient's 10-digit mobile phone number and your message. Click "Send Text" to deliver the message. The Send Anonymous Text service does not have a character limit.




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