How to Set Up Voicemail on MagicJack

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The MagicJack computer telephone system comes standard with free voicemail. Although the voicemail system is preconfigured, you'll need to dial into the system to change your password and record a greeting. You can do this from your MagicJack phone or from the virtual software phone that's loaded onto your computer when you install the system.


Step 1

Dial your telephone number from your MagicJack phone. You can also click on the "Vmail" button on your computer desktop to use the Magic Jack software phone.

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Step 2

Push the "Star" key on the phone when the virtual answering machine picks up. If you are calling from the Vmail software phone, click on the "Star" button.


Step 3

Input the digits "1234" when prompted for your Magic Jack voicemail passcode. This is the default passcode.


Step 4

Push the "0" button. This allows you to set a new passcode and change your voice message recording. Input your new passcode and follow the system prompts to record your custom voice message.




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