The Best Routers for Satellite Internet

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No matter what kind of network you are creating to distribute your satellite signal, you want a router that will be affordable and easy to install, provide good range and strength of signal, offer optimal security, and keep you consistently connected without interruption. The following manufacturers have proven that they can offer products to suit these needs.



Linksys has a well-respected line of routers offered at affordable prices – around fifty dollars for the most basic and around one hundred fifty dollars for a higher quality router. Linksys routers have received great reviews for speed and strength of connection, and some users have also commented on the quality of the design, in that Linksys has switched to slimmer routers without the cumbersome antennas that are attached to older models. Durability is also key to Linksys routers; users have expressed satisfaction with the fact that their Linksys routers have lasted for years, as opposed to other brands, which often break down in a matter of months. Linksys makes installation incredibly easy, even for those without much experience setting up wireless networks, and the ease of encryption allows you to secure your connection without a hassle.


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Apple's line of extremely popular electronics happens to include wireless routers. The Apple AirPort costs around one hundred seventy-five dollars on average and works for both all-Mac networks and networks with a mix of Mac and PC devices. The AirPort is relatively easy to set up, and it offers many bonuses in addition to reliability and range. The router has built-in features for external hard drive and printer sharing as well as guest networking, which allows you to grant access to friends without revealing your wireless password. Some users believe that an Apple router may not be optimal if you are operating a network devoid of Apple devices, but the AirPort is widely regarded as the best router for networks involving Macs.


D-Link offers a series of routers that are easy to use and effective. Routers range in price from around fifty dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars. Consumers have found success with the range of the wireless signal as well as the router's ability to handle traffic from multiple computers, both wired and wireless. D-link's routers come with a detailed manual that makes setting up and troubleshooting especially easy. Users have also commented on the manageable size and versatile shape of the router, which allows it to take up minimal space in your home or office. Not only are the routers effective, but the company also pays attention to the environment; the routers come in recyclable packaging and the power adapter has earned Energy Star status, meaning it meets stringent EPA energy efficiency guidelines.