The Parts & Functions of MS Word

Microsoft Word enables users to perform a variety of word processing tasks that relate to producing documents, such as typography, formatting and printing. Microsoft Word 2010 is the 13th version of the word processing software since it was first released for Windows in 1989. Word is part of Microsoft's s Office suite, which contains other productivity software, including Excel and PowerPoint.

Templates and Text

Word 2010 features a variety of templates designed to help you produce professional-looking documents, even if you're a beginner. Preloaded templates include tables, memos and resumes that are designed to save you from having to put in the time to design and develop one of your own. Word gives you the ability to change the look of each document by altering the typeface styles and colors with its editing interface. Whether you want to use the standard-looking Times New Roman font or mix it up a bit with a fancier font such as Coronet, Word enables you to change the text to match the style of your document.

Navigation and Collaboration

Microsoft Word 2010 lets you search, browse and organize your document’s content from a single pane, eliminating the need to sift through multiple pages to find the information you need. The software comes with a built-in security feature that lets you recover draft versions of documents that are closed before being saved. Word also allows multiple users to simultaneously access, edit and write in the same document from different locations.


While Word 2010 is best known for its straightforward word-processing features, it also gives you the tools needed to generate eye-catching content that stresses vital information and desired content. You can use the program’s reflections and gradient fill tools to create text and shape effects that draw attention to selected data contained in your documents. The program comes with a library of customizable themes that contain complementary color and font schemes intended to help you give your documents a unique and professional look.


By using the Microsoft Word Web app, Word 2010 enables you to post documents online, where they can be opened and edited from any computer anywhere. With the Microsoft Word Mobile app installed on a mobile computing device, such as a smartphone or table computer, you can open, comment on and edit a Word document while you’re out of the office at a meeting or on the road.