The Parts & Functions of MS Word

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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing tools in the world, and the number of parts of Microsoft Word has only expanded over time. Word is available for installation on a particular computer or for use in the cloud on Microsoft's servers through its Office 365 brand. Either way, the parts of MS Word include features for entering and formatting text, tools to embed images and files from other programs, the ability to save and print documents, and tools for collaborating with other users.


Microsoft Word Parts and Functions

Microsoft Word is a complex program used by people for a variety of functions, including business people writing memos and reports, students taking notes in class, home users writing informal or formal correspondence, and people designing flyers and banners to promote events.

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Word has features designed for each of these types of users. Current versions of the software also include collaboration features designed to make it easy for multiple users to share documents and work on them together.


Microsoft Word Formatting Features

A substantial number of parts of Microsoft Word are designed around formatting text. You can choose from a wide variety of fonts and colors for text in a document, create formatted sections such as tables with bulleted or numbered lists and entries, and insert images and World Wide Web hyperlinks into your documents. You can insert page and line breaks where you want them, as well as headers and footers that appear on certain pages to display information such as page numbers.


You can also group formatting options such as font, color and text size into Microsoft Word styles. This enables you to set similar sections of text to have the same appearance without having to reselect each of the options involved.

Saving, Loading and Printing

Like other modern word processing programs, Microsoft Word enables you to save files so that you can reopen them later. You can save your documents in a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with older versions of Word or with other word processing tools. Word can usually open files from earlier versions of Word or some standardized formats such as Rich Text Format, which is used by a variety of software programs. Not all features are available in each format.


You can print Word documents to create paper copies for distribution to readers or for your own files. Different printing options are available to print files on various kinds of printers, to print on one side or both sides of the paper, and to print on different paper sizes and orientations.

Collaboration Features

If you are using a recent version of Microsoft Word, such as the Office 365 cloud service or Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows or macOS, you can use its built-in real-time coauthoring tool to edit the document at the same time as other people.