The Purpose of SMS Instant Messages

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Text messaging provides some advantages over other forms of communication.

Many people are turning to short messaging service or SMS messaging as a way to communicate with other individuals instead of making phone calls. Using this form of communication can provide you with some benefits that may not be present when you use your cellphone to make a call instead.



One of the reasons that people use text messaging so frequently is because it is convenient. In many cases, cellphone users may be able to respond to a text message easily, but they may be unable to talk on the phone. For example, if you are in a meeting, you may not be able to step out and answer the phone, but you can quickly respond to a text message without stopping what you are in the process of doing.


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Time Saving

Another reason that people use instant messaging is to save time. SMS was meant to be a time saver for users and it has been just that since its inception. When you quickly need to disseminate information to another individual, you can type out a text message and send it. You do not have to worry about many of the formalities that come with a phone conversation. You can simply exchange the information you need to exchange.


Response When Appropriate

Another purpose of SMS text messaging is to provide a means of communication that individuals can use when it is most appropriate for them. For example, when you receive a text message from someone, you can wait to respond until it is most convenient for you. You can read the text message and see if it is a priority and then respond according to how busy you are. If you receive a phone call, you have no way of knowing its priority, or if the information is coming from the sender.


Informal Communication

SMS messaging was also created to serve as a means of informal communication between individuals. With text messaging, you can quickly send a message to one of your friends without having to worry about the formality of other means of communication. For example, you can use shorthand to speed up the amount of time that it takes to type out a message. Since it is an informal means of communication, you do not have to worry about spelling or grammar errors as much.