The Types of SIM Cards in LG Trac Phones

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A cell phone SIM card.

TracFone is a prepaid wireless cell-phone company that offers phones and wireless plans without monthly contracts. When purchasing a TracFone, you will also receive a subscriber identity module (SIM) card, which, upon activation, will be immediately and irreversibly linked to that specific phone. Unlike other companies, which allow swapping of SIM cards with compatible phones, the TracFone SIMs are only operable with a specific phone serial number. Currently, TracFone uses three types of SIM cards in its phones, linked to different, larger cell phone providers. You can see your SIM card serial number in your phone's menu, or by removing the SIM card from the phone.



SIM cards with this label are linked to the T-Mobile network and use their service, resold by TracFonee. T-Mobile serial numbers have 19 digits and begin with 890126.

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This label indicates connection with the AT&T network. These are newer-version SIM cards with more storage capacity than their older counterparts. New SIM cards received from TracFone will likely be this one or the one linked to T-Mobile. These full serial numbers will have 20 digits and start with 890141.



This is the older, but still operable, SIM linked to AT&T. These have a slightly smaller storage capacity than the new ones. These are no longer distributed by TracFone.


SIM cards ending in the digits D6 are now obsolete; they were linked to the Dobson network, which has long been absorbed by AT&T.


Discerning Which SIM Is Packaged With Your Phone

On the packaging, if your phone's model number ends with P4, it has been packed with an AT&T SIM. If the last digits are P5, it is a T-Mobile SIM.