How to Troubleshoot Coaxial Cable Problems

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Coaxial cables are a popular method of connecting both audio and video equipment together. You most commonly see a coaxial cable used when connecting an antenna to your television or the cable running from the wall into your cable receiver. However, the cable often isn't well protected, so if you are experiencing some reception problems there may be an issue with the coaxial cable.


Step 1

Inspect the connections of the coaxial cable. Make sure the cable is properly connected to both devices and screwed on tightly to the connecting ports.

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Step 2

Look over the wire for any cuts or scratches. The cable is often only coated in rubber so an object or animal can easily damage the cable.


Step 3

Remove the cable connection to the television. Inspect the cable to see if the metal pin is still pointing straight. Due to the pin's flimsy design it can easily be bent if not connected properly.

Step 4

Gently bend the pin back into place with either your finger (if you can reach) or a pair of needle-nose pliers.



Step 5

Reconnect the coaxial cable to the devices.

Step 6

Make sure the television and other equipment are set to the right channel for viewing the material over the coaxial cable.

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