How to Clean a Coaxial Cable Connection

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Cleaning the connection lets the signal flow freely.

A coaxial cable connects cable television service into a home-viewing device such as a television, cable box, VCR or DVD player. The wires are usually made of copper to provide input directly from a cable company's community feed. Coaxial cables contain the signal wire surrounded by an insulation sheath with another grounding wire surrounding the sheath. The entire cable is encased in one large sheath. Cleaning the connection of dust and grime prior to installing the cable provides a stable connection with continuous feed.


Step 1

Disconnect both ends of the coaxial cable.

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Step 2

Place the cotton ball on the top of the open rubbing alcohol bottle. Quickly turn the bottle over and back upright, allowing just a little solution to saturate the cotton ball.


Step 3

Grab the cotton ball with a tweezers, making sure that the side with the alcohol is opposite the tweezers.

Step 4

Rub the cotton ball into the connector's grooves, being careful to not bend or break the center stud that provides the signal. Repeat until all dirt and grime is removed.



Step 5

Allow the connector to dry completely before connecting the wires to any electronics. The moisture could create a spark and become a fire or shock hazard. The alcohol should evaporate within 30 seconds.




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