Troubleshooting an Iomega External Hard Drive

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Fix the external hard drive connected to your computer system.

Iomega is a computer hardware company that has been around for decades, creating external storage devices ranging from floppy disks to Zip drives and now external hard drives. These drives connect directly to a computer system via a USB data cable, giving your computer an instant upgrade in storage space. However, if the drive is not functioning properly there are a few methods of troubleshooting the issue.


Step 1

Check the power on the Iomega external hard drive. If the power switch is not on (located on the back of the drive) the computer is not going to detect the drive.

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Step 2

Look over the USB data cable running from the Iomega drive to the computer. If the USB cable is not inserted completely into both ports the computer is unable to read and send saved information to the drive.


Step 3

Install the drivers onto your computer via the driver installation CD (it came with the Iomega hard drive). Older Windows XP computers require this installation. Once the installation CD is inserted into the computer, follow the prompts to complete the installation process, then restart the computer.



Step 4

Avoid connecting the hard drive to a USB hub as this occasionally prevents the computer from detecting the drive. Instead, make sure it is hooked up directly to the computer system.

Step 5

Restart the computer. Performing a system restart often corrects any issue occurring on the computer during the previous boot. Once the computer has powered back on you are going to find the system now recognizes the Iomega external hard drive.




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