How to Use a Built in Computer Web Camera

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You have a notebook with an in-built camera, but don't know how to use it with your Yahoo! Messenger--An in-built webcam allows you to share live videos while instant messaging friends and family without the hassles of wiring and installation. Create funny, silly and creative videos to keep your friends engaged. See how easy it is to connect, chat and invite your loved ones to view your webcam, with these simple instructions on setup and use.


Using Your Webcam With Yahoo! Messenger

Step 1

Double click "Yahoo! Messenger" on your desktop to launch it. Type in your user name and password, and click "OK." When the messenger window opens up, click 'Messenger" at the top menu then click "Preferences." Click "Webcam" to adjust your quality broadcast settings. Click "Always Ask My Permission to View My Webcam" so you have control of who views your webcam. Click "OK" to change your settings.


Video of the Day

Step 2

To start a webcam conversation, click "Messenger" then select "My Webcam." Your camera is detected, and the video window opens up. Another way to start a webcam conversation is to click "Actions" on the menu, then click "View Webcam." Select the person's contact that you want to view his webcam, then click "OK." You can also click 'Actions" then select "Call Computer." Select the contact, then click "OK."


Step 3

Highlight your contact on the contacts section, Click "Action," then select "Invite to View My Webcam" for people to see your webcam. To view who's watching your webcam, click "Actions" then click "Who's Viewing My Webcam."


Step 4

Modify the contrast and brightness by clicking "Messenger," then click "Preferences." Select "Webcam," then click on "Camera Settings." Adjust to your desired settings, then click "OK."



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