Vizio TV Audio Output

Vizio television sets ship with standard audio output settings that control the sound on the set's internal speakers, and advanced audio settings for connecting the TV to an external amplifier and speakers or a home theater sound system. Correctly configuring the TV set's audio output settings can enhance your enjoyment of shows and movies by improving the quality of the sound.

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Configure the audio output of your Vizio TV set to optimize sound quality.
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Access Audio Output Settings

To modify the audio output settings on your Vizio TV set, access the Audio Settings menu. Press the "Menu" button on the Vizio's remote control. Use the remote's up and down arrow keys to scroll to the "Audio" section of the on-screen menu, and then press the "OK" button to open the Audio Settings screen. Use the arrow buttons and the "OK" key to highlight and select the audio setting that you want to change.

Standard Audio Settings

If you listen to the Vizio TV's audio output through the sets internal speakers, you can adjust the audio settings to your preferences. Standard audio output features include a balance control that adjusts the audio volume between the left and right speakers. The equalizer feature adjusts the attenuation of audio frequencies so that you can adjust the audio output to best match the TV show. The equalizer includes settings for rock, pop, classical and jazz music. Some Vizio TV sets also include SRS StudioSound HD, which emulates a surround sound experience through the TV set's integrated speakers.

Digital Audio Output

The Vizio includes an advanced audio settings menu to help you configure the audio output when you connect the TV set to a home theater system. Selecting Digital Audio Out, changes the TV's audio processing for the optical output required by some home theater audio systems. From the advanced audio menu, select the applicable audio connection for your home theater system. Options include "Dolby Digital" and "PCM – Pulse Code Modulation."

Analog Audio Output

If you connect the Vizio TV set to a home theater system or external amplifier and speaker system with analog RCA -- red, white, yellow – cable connectors, you can set the volume level for the external system through the Analog Audio Out section of the advanced audio settings menu. Selecting the "Variable" option controls the volume on the external device with the Vizio TV set's volume control. Alternatively, select the "Fixed" option to control the volume level with the home theater system or external device's volume controls.

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