What Can You Do If You Drop Your Cell Phone in the Toilet?

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Accidents happen. We tend to carry our cell phones with us everywhere and that includes the restroom. If your cell phone falls out of your pocket, or your hand, into the toilet do not panic. You may be able to save the cell phone and use it as if it had never "taken the plunge."


First Steps

The following steps should be taken prior to any optional methods.

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Remove the cell phone from the toilet. Do not flush. Flushing the phone can cause plumbing issues.


Do not attempt to turn on the phone. Turning it on while it's wet could cause permanent damage to the internal wiring.

Remove the battery and SIM card. Dry it with a paper towel and then leave it to dry.


Dry off as much of the phone as possible using a paper or cloth towel.

Take apart as much of the phone as possible. Keep track of all the parts.

Optional Step -- Basic

Let it dry for 24 hours. If possible place it in direct sunlight. It is important to remove as much moisture as possible.


Optional Step - Rice

Place the phone and batter into a plate of uncooked rice. The rice should absorb the moisture from the phone.


After 24 hours put the phone together and attempt to turn it on.


Optional Step - Kitty Litter

Put the cell phone into a sock. Place it into a bowl of kitty litter. The kitty litter should absorb the extra moisture.

Optional Step - Hair Dryer

Blow dry the phone with a hair dryer set on the lowest setting.


Optional Step - Dashboard

Place the cell phone on the dashboard of your car and allow to dry for a day or two.

Optional Step - Refrigerator

Dehumidify the phone by placing it in the refrigerator.


Do not attempt to freeze the phone. Freezing temperatures could damage the phone.

Optional Step - Compressed Air

Spray the phone with a can of compressed air. Keep it at a slight distance in order to not accidentally freeze any part of the phone.



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