How to Remove Pen Marks From Phones

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How to Remove Pen Marks From Phones
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Mobile phones have become ubiquitous. They're an important tool and often an expression of personal style. Because the phone is a work tool, it isn't uncommon for it to end up with ink stains. You jot down a note, ink gets on your hands, then the next thing you know there's a stain on your phone. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily clean pen stains from your phone without doing any damage to the phone itself. This technique works for cleaning both mobile phones and home phones.


Safely Clean a Cell Phone or Home Phone

Step 1

First, use your finger or a cloth that is slightly dampened with warm water to try to wipe away the stain. Some pen marks come off very easily and that's all it takes. If not…


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Step 2

Moisten a cotton ball with hairspray.

Step 3

Squeeze the cotton ball over the sink to make sure it doesn't hold any excess hairspray.

Step 4

Gently swab the stain with the cotton ball. The hairspray will remove ink stains left from standard writing pens and from permanent markers.


Step 5

Rub the phone with a dry cloth to remove any leftover hairspray residue.



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