How to Paint a Cell Phone Cover

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You don't need to buy an entirely new phone if you're tired of its color. Painting the body of the cell phone is the most affordable way to update your phone. You don't need to be an expert painter, either, you just need some direction on how to paint it so it looks like new. Most spray paints on the market work well with plastic and are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Most spray paints have an enamel finish that protects the paint and finish from wear and tear. If you want your phone to have a new look, spray paint is the way to go.


Paint Your Cell Phone Cover

Step 1

Go to a store that sells high-quality spray paint. Before choosing a color, find spray paints that are formulated for plastic material and are made for indoor/outdoor conditions. Choose the color you prefer in a flat or satin finish. Do not purchase a glossy finish for your cell phone as it can show blemishes pre-existing on your cell phone cover.


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Step 2

Remove the cover of your cell phone. Power the phone off and remove the battery to avoid an electric shock. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew all screws that are keeping the body attached. If the phone doesn't have any screws, you may need to use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the body apart along its seams along the sides. Place the guts of the phone in a safe place away from kids and animals.


Step 3

Use painter's tape to cover any chrome areas of the phone that are not to be painted. Use only painter's tape because it will not leave a sticky residue behind when removed. Be sure to not cover any area of you want to paint so that the paint job is even and able to be accomplished in one application.



Step 4

Choose a location that is well ventilated and isn't windy such as a garage with the door half open. Lay old newspaper down before spraying the cell phone body to protect the floor. Place the front and back of the cover on the newspaper directly next to one another. Spray the paint about 8 inches from the phone in a slow and steady motion across the front and back of the phone. If you see spotting or uneven application, continue to spray the paint until you achieve a smooth and uniform application.

Step 5

Allow to dry completely for at least an hour. Remove the tape and screw the body back on your phone.




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