What Code Do I Use to Connect My Bluedio T9 Bluetooth to My Cellphone?

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The Bluedio T9 headset allows you to make and receive phone or listen to music without the need for wires or holding the device to your ear. Like all Bluetooth devices, the Bluedio T9 has to go through a pairing process before it will work with your cellphone. To complete this pairing process, you'll need to enter the T9's four-digit passkey into the device you are trying to pair it with.


Bluetooth Pairing

To connect two Bluetooth devices, like the Bluedio T9 and a cellphone, together you first need to put the devices through a pairing process. The pairing process allows the two devices to recognize each other and agree to share information. Once the pairing process is complete, the two devices will recognize each other whenever they come within range of each other, and will automatically connect if they aren't already connected to another device.


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The Passkey's Purpose

While you are pairing the Bluedio T9 to another device, there will come a time when the device asks you to enter the Bluedio T9's passkey, which some devices will call a code or passcode. The passkey is required to ensure that both sides agree to the connection, and that only someone who controls both devices can set up the connection. As a security feature, the passcode is falling out of fashion, but devices made before the advent of Bluetooth version 2.1 are still required to have them.


Bluedio T9 Passkey

When you pair two devices that both have a keypad, the connection process allows you to manually specify a passkey during the process. Since the Bluedio T9 doesn't have a keypad, a feature shared with almost all Bluetooth headsets, the manufacturer establishes a passkey and codes it into the device's hardware. For the Bluedio T9, the passkey is "0000," according to the device's manual.


Locating Bluetooth Passkeys

Since a Bluetooth passkey is required for Bluetooth connections, device manufacturers are generally fairly good about using default passkeys and placing the passkey prominently in the device's manual. The most common default Bluetooth passkey is "0000," but "1234" and "9999" are also used. Some manufacturers create a unique passkey for every individual device, and these devices normally have the code printed somewhere on the device itself, like under the battery or near the FCC information.