What Does "CC Cleaner Missing Shared Dll" Mean?

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DLLs allow computer programs to communicate with the printer.

To the average computer user, there is often no greater mystery than the computer's registry. When an optimizing program, such as Ccleaner, requires a decision from the user to delete or not delete a registry value, panic often ensues.



A dynamic link library (DLL) is a collection of small files which can only be executed by another program to perform a specific action, such as communicating with a printer. Shared DLLs are DLLs shared by a number of different programs.


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Ccleaner is a program designed to clean the computer of unnecessary files that take up space and slow down the functioning of the computer.

Missing Shared DLL

When Ccleaner finds a registry entry that calls for a DLL that does not exist, it reports this as a "Missing Shared DLL" and gives you the opportunity to remove the invalid entry.




When a program is uninstalled, the attached DLL is often uninstalled with it. If the uninstall program recognizes that it is a shared DLL it will give the option to keep the DLL. Shared DLLs should be kept to avoid potential problems with other programs.




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