What Does It Mean When the Lexar USB Light Is On?

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Almost all Lexar USB flash drives and external card readers contain an LED light, which offers information about your drive or card. Taking notice of how the LED light behaves tells you if the drive is recognized or transferring data. It may also give you insight into a failing USB flash drive or the existence of a memory card in the reader.


LED Flashes Upon Insertion

When you first plug in your Lexar USB flash drive into a computer or other USB reader, the LED light blinks several times. This tells you the device recognized your Lexar drive and is initiating communication with it. The same is true when you insert a memory card into your Lexar USB card reader, except the light only blinks twice.


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Light Stays On

A solid light on your Lexar card reader indicates a memory card is currently inserted, but no data is being transferred. On a Lexar USB flash drive, a solid light should never appear. If your flash drive's LED light stays on, then you may have a faulty drive.


LED Is Off

If the LED light on your Lexar flash drive is not illuminated, this tells you no data is being transferred. On a Lexar card reader, this tells you no card is currently inserted.


Blinking LED Light

On both the Lexar USB flash drive and card reader, a flashing light indicates data transfer is in progress. You should never remove the Lexar device when the LED light is flashing, or you risk corrupting your data, which could render the data unrecoverable.




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