Explaination of Lenovo Laptop Display Lights

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The status indicators on Lenovo laptops help with troubleshooting.

Lenovo laptops typically have eight different lights near the display. These light emitting diodes (LEDs) are status indicators. These indicators help users troubleshoot computer problems.



The LED shaped like a satellite is the wireless indicator. If this light is green, the wireless network is on and ready to use. If this light is blinking green, data transmission is occurring.

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The Bluetooth indicator is an oval-shaped LED. If this light is green, the Bluetooth feature is on.


Caps and Num Locks

The caps lock indicator is shaped like an arrow with an "A", which indicates caps lock is engaged. The arrow with a "1" inside is the number lock indicator, indicating the number pad function can be used.

Drive Indicator

The drive indicator is a cylindrical shape. When this light is green, it indicates a disk drive is in operation.


Power and Standby Lights

The power indicator is circular in shape. A green power light means the computer is powered on. The standby status indicator is shaped like a crescent. When this indicator is green, the computer is in standby mode. If it is blinking green, the computer is entering or resuming from standby.

Battery Light

The battery indicator is shaped like a rectangle. When the battery light is green, the battery is in operation and has full power. A blinking green battery light means the battery is charging, but has sufficient power to function. An orange battery light means the battery is charging, but is low on power. If the battery light is blinking orange, the battery requires charging.