What Is a Remote Access Code?

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Computers and the Internet have allowed us to connect a wide variety of devices to enable uniform communication. But this increased convenience has also created an increased security risk. One way to combat this is the Remote Access Code.

Remote Access Server

Remote refers to being off premises of the device that you are trying to access. This typically refers to a Remote Access Server, or a server that is usually set up as a means for people to access a local network from home.


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Accessing a Remote Device

When accessing a remote server, the user would dial in from a personal computer and the server would authenticate the user. If the user's credentials are valid, he or she would be passed on to the local server, which would give the user access to all of the privileges that they would usually have at work. Users would be able to access files, print from network printers and use network programs.


Remote Access Code

Because of security risks, more often than not you will need a password or other type of code in order to access a Remote Access Server. The code that you enter in order to gain access to the server is the Remote Access Code.