What is a Touch Screen Used For?

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What is a Touch Screen Used For?

A touch screen is a display that can recognize a touch to its surface area, either with a finger or a stylus. Touch screens are commonly used on cell phones, PDAs, ATM machines, video games and even supermarket terminals.

Self-Service Check Outs

Many supermarkets use touch screens to save time for both customers and cashiers. Customers can weigh produce, look up codes, and choose methods of payment from touch screen displays.

ATM Machines

Most ATM machines use touch screen technology. It allows users to input their information without having to press buttons, which makes ATM use much easier.


PDAs are one of the first popular uses of touch screen technology. Today's stand-alone PDAs are used for Internet browsing and media playing, but are declining in usage these days.


The Apple iPhone uses its touch screen display to provide users with an easy way to navigate. Users can dial, text, listen to music and navigate the Web using the touch screen.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS handheld video game system has two display screens, with the lower used for touch screen capabilities. Most of the games are played by using a stylus, allowing gamers to move characters, click on items, draw figures and move objects during gameplay, providing a very unique gaming experience.