What Is T1 Internet Speed?

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T1 lines provide high-speed Internet connections.

A T1 line is a high-speed phone line that is used primarily by businesses looking for broadband Internet access. The T1 is usually a data line separate from the standard phone line, but it can also be used for voice communications.



A T1 carrier is a leased line that connects a local area network to the Internet at a high speed. The T1 operates as 24 different channels, each sending data through the line at 64 kilobits per second for a total speed of 1.544 megabits per second. File transfers between a corporate server and its isolated networked computers at multiple sites happen in a matter of seconds.


The T1 connection not only transfers data at high speed but is also a constant connection that is always available. Especially for large companies with many employees sending files back and forth, accessing email and surfing the internet, the reliability of the T1 line provides the required bandwidth. Increased worker productivity can be a benefit of the increased computing speed.



T1 lines cost more than traditional phone lines or DSL data lines that connect. Since the standard home Internet connection does not require the computing speed or reliability that a T1 brings, most homes stay with the modem and leave the speedier T1 connections to the larger network operations.