What Is the Computer Program Access?

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Microsoft Access is a database access program.

Microsoft Access is a database program produced by Microsoft. Access can be used to create and manipulate reports from databases constructed using a variety of popular formats. Microsoft Access can be purchased separately or as part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.



Microsoft Access allows the user to enter data into a database, either a personal one on the user's machine or a shared one on a network. Data can be imported into Access databases from a wide variety of sources, including the Microsoft Outlook email client. Microsoft Access gives users an easier way to look into and report on large amounts of data without having to learn complex SQL commands.


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Targeted at the user who wants to use and manipulate large amounts of data without having to learn SQL, Microsoft Access provides templates that can be used to generate both reports and data entry screens. The Expression Builder allows the user to create complex reports and queries without having to learn how to develop the code themselves.



Microsoft Access is a powerful program that has hundreds of features. While Access does not require a great deal of prerequisite learning, users can benefit greatly from training that will help them utilize the full power of Access.