Why Does the LG Tracfone Say Emergency When I Try to Make a Phone Call?

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The LG phones on the Tracfone network restrict calling to emergency numbers when the signal is not strong enough to support additional calls successfully. If the phone locks you out of outbound calls and locks in the emergency call mode, there are several steps that may resolve the problem. Try the troubleshooting methods on your own before going to customer service for support.


The "Emergency Calls Only" or "Emergency" indicator on your Tracfone typically indicates that you are out of your service area and restricted to dialing emergency numbers only. This indicator is typically accompanied by an image of a phone crossed with a red line on the phone's display. The phone image is the "Out of Service" indicator.

Network Connectivity

In some instances, network connectivity issues can present as though you were out of the service area. If you are experiencing the emergency call error in an area where you typically have network service, restarting your phone may help force it to reconnect to the proper service towers. Shut down the phone with the power button then wait one minute before turning it back on.

Phone Signal Reset

When a basic restart does not resolve the problem, you may need to force a system reset on your phone to reacquire the signal. Shut the phone down, remove the battery and remove the SIM card. Wait five minutes then reinstall them. Restart the phone. If the problem is not resolved, navigate to the Settings menu and choose the "Reset Phone" option. Enter your PIN and it will reset your network access.


If you attempt all of the troubleshooting methods with no success, there may be a problem with your phone's firmware or your service contract. Contact Tracfone customer service for guidance to resolve your connectivity problems. Call from a landline so that they can access and update your phone if necessary.