There's a Facebook Page Dedicated to the Dogs UPS Drivers Meet

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UPS drivers spend their days delivering packages and getting barked at by dogs defending their homes. But every once in a while, drivers come across adorable dogs who love their UPS drivers and that big brown truck.


Drivers have been taking pictures of their furriest fans and posting them to a Facebook page dedicated to the dogs they meet, because yes, that's a thing. Many of the drivers admit they give the dogs on their routes treats and lots of pets, so it makes sense that the dogs offer their thanks by being adorable.


Video of the Day

So, without further ado, here are some of the cutest and friendliest UPS fans ever to exist.

Dogs are lining up to say hi to their driver (and to get a treat, probably):

UPS drivers make the best friends:


True love:

Cuteness overload:

This dog was SO excited to meet his driver, and the driver seemed to share the sentiment:



The cute pup probably thinks all packages are for her:

Claiming the UPS truck as his own:

Love at first lick:

You can see more UPS-loving dogs here.



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