This Smart Scale Will Measure Ingredients So You Don't Have To

For some, the best part of baking is usually the end result, because baking equals dessert and dessert equals happiness. For others, the worst part of baking is the measurements, because math is hard. Well, now there's a way to bake without measuring anything, so you can focus your energy on licking the spoon and other life things happening simultaneously.

The Perfect Bake PRO is a smart scale that pairs to a recipe app to tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is needed. So, all you need to do is supply the ingredients and pour.

A virtual bowl fills up as you pour, telling you when to stop. You can easily choose the recipe size, and the recipe will automatically adjust to whatever size you choose. For example, if you want to bake 48 cookies, you simply choose that number and the ingredient amounts will shift. Or if you only have a half a bag of chocolate chips, the app will auto-scale it for you.

If you order the Perfect Bake PRO, you'll receive a scale, three bowls in various sizes, an oven thermometer, and a stand for your phone or tablet so you can follow recipes while you bake.

Within the app, you'll find over 400 chef-created recipes, with more being added all the time. When you pick a recipe you want to try, the app will tell you what ingredients you need, how to prep them, and in what order to add them. Step by step instructions and a timer can be found within the app.

Here's a video explaining how it works:

Buy the Perfect Bake Pro here for $99.99.