This Case Will Make Your Smartphone Practically Unbreakable

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If you're constantly on the hunt for the perfect iPhone case, join the club. Apple releases a new iPhone (or two or three) every September, and if you're into having the latest and greatest tech in your life, you probably already have the latest model.


But what good is a new phone if you don't have a new case to go with it? But not just any case—a case that makes your iPhone virtually unbreakable (especially considering the price tag of the X).

Video of the Day

Tech21 cases are proven to offer incredible protection for your ridiculously priced phone. The company doesn't just make sleek, lightweight, cool-looking phone cases, it promises to protect your phone, even if it's dropped from 500 feet. Literally.

A guy named John accidentally dropped his iPhone 7 from a helicopter while taking a video of the scenery. The video shows the phone falling 500 feet to its certain death, except when it landed, it stayed perfectly in tact. Why? He's convinced it's because of the Impact Clear Tech21 case.


John was so impressed, he wrote to Tech21 about his experience.

He went on to explain:


You can watch the video here.

The cases are reasonably priced (around $34) with tons of options for almost every smartphone. The company also sells Macbook and tablet cases, as well as screen protectors. Get yours here.