How to Unblock Incoming Private Calls

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Many people elect to have a private number for privacy. As a result, you may want to receive calls from private numbers to make sure that you do not miss a call. In order to ensure that these calls are received, you need to unblock them.


Step 1

Call your service provider and remove any features that allow blocking of private phone calls. For example, Privacy Director services do not allow private incoming callers. To remove this feature, you must call your service provider.

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Step 2

Remove anonymous call rejection from your home phone to allow private callers to call you at any time. To remove this service, press "*87" from your home phone to turn off the anonymous call rejection.


Step 3

Request an unblocking service from your cell phone service provider. Although this is not a service that many providers offer, it may be a newly added service in a special plan that they do offer. Cell phone features and services change regularly.





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