New Waze Feature Lets You Use Your Voice to Get Directions

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Waze is making it a lot safer to get where you're going. The navigation app announced its "biggest update ever," which includes three new features: a motorcycle vehicle type option, which directs users to roads optimized for motorcyclists; HOV route support, which gives users arrival times based on using high-occupancy-vehicle lanes; and a Talk to Waze feature, which lets users get directions using their voice.


The Talk to Waze feature gives you the power to command the Waze app with only your voice and two magic words: "OK Waze." You can now initiate your drive, get a preview of the route ahead, send reports, and add a pit stop all by using your voice. The app needs to be open for the feature to work.

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To enable "OK Waze" on your phone, go to Settings, Sound & voice, Talk to Waze, and swipe "Say OK Waze."


Talk to Waze is currently only available for English-speaking users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand, but will be rolling out in more languages soon.