Google Home Helped Toddler With Language Deficit Say His First Word

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Digital home assistants are even more helpful than we thought. Patrick Crispen posted a video to Reddit of his 19-month-old son saying his first and only word. That word is "Google," and he says it every time Google Home replicates an animal sound.


As Crispen explains in the Reddit and YouTube description, his son is in speech/language therapy due to "significant receptive and expressive language deficits." He doesn't speak at all, so it was a huge surprise when he started saying "Google."

"We've had a Google Home since last holiday season, and my son absolutely adores its animal sounds," Crispen wrote. "So, you can imagine our pleasure and surprise when my son started doing this this weekend."


Check out the video:

Some Redditors are arguing that technology is not the way to teach a child to speak. But Crispen noted that by 19 months, most kids have a vocabulary of at least 10 to 15 words, so the family is thrilled with any steps forward their son makes. And we couldn't agree more.