MoonPie Is Hilariously Roasting Haters on Twitter

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Fast food chains and other food industry companies have majorly upped their social media games, and it's incredibly entertaining. There's Wendy's and Taco Bell who keep nailing Twitter with witty comebacks to ridiculous customer complaints. And now MoonPie is getting in on the roasting action. Yes, the MoonPie that you may or may not have thought of since the late '90s.


First, a Twitter user named Kaela responded to one of MoonPie's tweets, writing "They should call you MoonBye because nobody likes you." MoonPie responded the best way possible.

Video of the Day

Then MoonPie clapped back at another user who clearly didn't know the savage level of a marshmallow sandwich. The tweet has since been deleted, but good thing for screenshots.


The rest of MoonPie's tweets are just as funny and worth reading. Like this sound advice about space aliens:


The company also stays up to speed on relevant political issues:

Also this:

If that doesn't make you want to run out and buy a MoonPie, nothing will.