Kids Will Love Brushing Their Teeth With This AR Toothbrush

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As much as we nag them to brush their teeth, most kids just aren't into oral hygiene. They have other things to worry about—like homework, who to sit with at lunch, and how many jelly beans they can simultaneously fit in their mouths.


So, when a toothbrush comes along that could make the teeth brushing experience more exciting for them/trick them into brushing, we pay attention.

Video of the Day

At CES 2018, French company Kolibree introduced the Magik toothbrush, a smart toothbrush that uses augmented reality to make brushing teeth fun and adventurous for kids.


Paired with a motion-tracking app that uses the camera on a smartphone, the device places your kid in the middle of various fun games. It comes with a phone stand, so your kid can focus on teeth brushing and the game.

There are 15 games to choose from, each requiring the toothbrush to move around in the mouth (shooting cavities and what not). The app can only be used three times a day, so overbrushing won't be a problem. (One can only dream of such a problem, right?)


The Magik toothbrush app also teaches kids how to properly brush. Plus, it allows you to monitor how many times a day your child is brushing, how fast, and for how long.

Magik toothbrush is set to launch later this year and will retail for around $30.