This App Tells You Exactly Where to Find Girl Scout Cookies

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Good news and bad news. Good news: It's officially Girl Scout cookie season! Bad news: It's officially Girl Scout cookie season.

As you're probably well aware, Girl Scout cookies are delicious. They're also not exactly health food. But that's OK, it's all for a good cause. (That's what I'm telling myself as I sit here chowing down on Thin Mints and Trefoils.)

Getting your hands on boxes of Girl Scout cookies is a lot easier than it used to be. Instead of driving by every grocery store searching for booths, you can now use the Girl Scout finder app to locate where girls in your area are selling them.

Either download the app (iOS or Android) or visit the website, and type in your zip code. A list of all the locations near you will pop up. Click on "view details" to find out the address and the date and time the girls will be there.

It'll look like this:

If you prefer to buy cookies online, you can use the Digital Cookie platform. A Girl Scout must invite you to visit her personalized cookie website, and from there you can place your order and have it shipped or delivered by the Girl Scout you know. You also have the option to donate cookies to charity.

Click here to see every single cookie the Girl Scouts offer. You're welcome.