Amazon Prime Samples Lets You Try Products Before Committing

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Amazon has a new program that will let you test drive products to see if you like them. Prime Samples allows Prime members to try samples of products before making the commitment to buying full-sizes, and it's the greatest thing to happen to samples since frozen yogurt samples.

Amazon's samples are available across a wide range of product types, including beauty products, food and beverages, baby, sports nutrition, and personal care items. But they aren't free—the cost ranges between $2 and $4, but for each sample you buy, you receive a credit for whatever you paid. So, if you paid $2 for a sample of a protein bar, you'll get $2 off if you buy an entire box.

You're able to buy as many samples as you want, but you can only buy each sample once. That means, you can't buy 6 samples of shampoo to equal one full bottle. Amazon knows the tricks.

But let's say you want to try a new type of diaper for your baby, you can do that without buying entire packs. Instead, the sample option will send you two diapers in the size you choose.

You can also buy a sample box, which comes with around anywhere from 6 to 15 samples. For example, if you want to try out new treats for your dog, the sample box is $11.99 and comes with 6 or more samples from different companies. That'll give you $11.99 to spend on the product you like the most.

As of right now, the options are pretty limited, but Amazon promises to constantly add more sample products to the program. Click here to check out Prime Samples.