Apple Tries Wooing Non iPhone Users in Latest iPhone Ads

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If you aren't already an iPhone user, Apple really wants you to be. In fact, the company has released four new ads that are aimed directly at non iPhone users, or more specifically, Android users.


All four ads feature a screen divided into two sections: a light blue half labeled "iPhone" and a light gray half labeled "your phone." Each ad is set to upbeat music and is 15 seconds or less, quickly getting to the point. The point being, iPhones are better than whatever phone you're using (according to Apple, of course).

In "Ease," Apple lets you know that switching over to iPhone is as easy as opening an umbrella.

"Safe" informs you that iPhones are way more secure than your current phone.


"Apple Support" makes it clear that Apple will give you all the support you need for your iPhone.

And finally, "Environment" informs you that iPhones are "assembled at Zero Waste to Landfill facilities."

So, are four clever, lighthearted ads all it takes? Are you going to switch over to iPhone?