Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With These Fun Apps

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St. Patrick's Day is March 17th, and it's the one day a year when we celebrate all things Irish. (Although, for people in Ireland, that day is probably every day.) Whether you're Irish or you pretend to be Irish for the day, St. Paddy's Day is all about wearing green, gently pinching the people who aren't wearing green, corned beef and cabbage, Guinness, leprechauns, and four leaf clovers.

To really get into the spirit of green, download these apps that'll take your St. Paddy's Day celebratory vibes up a notch:

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

If you're in charge of cooking some sort of delicious Irish dish, check out the St. Patrick's Day Treats app. It supplies you with tons of popular and traditional recipes from Ireland—so lots of bread, beer, and creamy things. Is there anything better?

Download free for iOS and Android.

Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary

Top o' the mornin' to ya. Want to seem extra Irish and smart on St. Paddy's Day? The Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary has over 47,000 references and 69,500 translations, so it will for sure help you nail the Irish language—or at least teach you how to say "Can I get another green beer?"

Download for $9.99 for iOS and Android, or try a free trial version.

St. Patrick's Day Stickers

You can't possibly celebrate a holiday without texting festive stickers and GIFs to your friends and family. St. Patrick's Day Stickers makes the day a little more Irish and a lot more fun.

Download for $0.99 for iOS.

Leprechaun Name Generator

This one's big with the kiddos. Simply enter your child's first name and last name, and a fun leprechaun name will be generated. Of course, it works for adults too.

Download for $0.99 for iOS.

St. Patrick's Day Drunk Leprechaun

Help Shamus McDerp keep his balance from drinking too much beer. Tilt your phone accordingly to help the drunk leprechaun stay on his feet. The longer he stays standing, the more points you get.

Download free for Android.