There's Now a Fitbit for Kids, so They Can Finally Stop Wearing Yours

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Fitbit has done every parent a favor by creating Fitbit Ace, an activity tracker made specifically for kids. If you sport a Fitbit, your kids have probably shown an interest in wearing one as well. And by interest, I mean they probably take yours without asking. Well, now they can rock one of their very own.


With the Fitbit Ace, kids can track their steps, active minutes, and sleep. They'll receive celebration messages when they hit their daily goals and collect virtual badges when they reach big milestones. Reminders can be turned on in the app to encourage kids to stay active throughout the day, but they can turned off during school.

The device is showerproof and lasts for five days before needing a charge. Meant for kids ages 8 and up, they can choose between two interchangeable band colors: power purple and electric blue.


You can set up a family account, which allows up to two parents and your kids to check their stats and goal celebrations. They can challenge their friends and compare stats, as well as exchange messages with family members in the app.

At $99.95, there are certainly much less expensive activity trackers out there for kids. But Fitbit is a great way for parents to instill the message of self-care at an early age, including the importance of getting a good night's sleep.

Pre-order the Fitbit Ace here for shipment in late May.