'Constantly Curious' Is a Kid-Friendly Show That Answers Life's Toughest Questions

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Constantly Curious is a show that answers the questions that keep you up at night. More specifically, it answers the questions your kids ask that you don't know how to answer but probably should.


Created by TED-ED and exclusively available on Facebook Watch, the show covers topics like why sloths are so slow, how the food we eat affects our brain, why we sweat, the causes of constipation, and how we know we really exist.

The episodes are only a few minutes long, so they're short enough to keep the attention of a young kid, but long enough to offer educational and interesting lessons.

Check out the episode about why we sweat:


And this is why sloths are so slow:

So, when your kids ask a very specific question about life stuff, you can watch the videos and learn something new together. Or you can watch them by yourself so you can be prepared with your kids want to know the exact reason why humans cry.