How to Change the Name on an iTunes Playlist

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Apple iTunes allows you to make playlists of all your favorite songs. This is the perfect way to organize your music for a party, long road trip or any other special occasion. You can edit playlists as often as you wish, whether you want to add or remove songs. Each playlist you make is assigned a name. By default, playlist names are titled "Untitled Playlist." "Untitled Playlist 2" and so on. The playlist names can also be changed at any time you feel the need to change them.


Step 1

Open iTunes and wait for it to load.

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Step 2

Find the playlist you want to rename and click on it one time.

Step 3

Wait for one second and then click on the playlist one more time. An empty box will appear over the playlist name.


Step 4

Type in the new playlist name into the empty box and press "Enter" or "Return."

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