How to Transfer a Windows Media Player Playlist to a New Computer

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Playlists in Windows Media Player contain information about a specific group of songs that you have added to a list. If you have created a particularly good playlist, you might want to transfer it to a different computer. You can do so by copying the playlist file from the computer on which it was created to removable media (such as a flash drive or an external hard drive) and then pasting it into the appropriate folder on the new computer.


Step 1

Connect your removable media to your computer.

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Step 2

Click "Start," "All Programs" and then "Windows Media Player."

Step 3

Click the arrow to the left of "Playlists" to expand the list of playlists you have created in Windows Media Player.


Step 4

Right-click on the playlist you wish to transfer and click "Open File Location."

Step 5

Right-click on the playlist and select "Copy."

Step 6

Click "Start" and then "Computer."


Step 7

Double-click the icon for your removable media.

Step 8

Right-click inside the folder and click "Paste."

Step 9

Eject your removable media from the computer.


Step 10

Insert your removable media into the second computer.

Step 11

Click "Start" and then "Computer."

Step 12

Double-click the icon for your removable media.


Step 13

Right-click the playlist and then click "Copy."

Step 14

Click "Start" and then "Music."

Step 15

Double-click the "Playlists" folder.

Step 16

Right-click inside the folder and click "Paste."


Correctly playing a playlist on a second computer requires that the second computer has all of the audio files included in the playlist. If the second computer does not have the audio files, you can copy them in the same way that you copied the playlist.