How to Convert MP3 Files to WMA Format With Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player comes with the Windows operating system. The latest release is Windows Media Player 11, which is compatible with Windows XP/Vista. It allows you to play video and audio files, as well as DVDs and CDs. It supports a number of media formats, particularly MP3 and WMA. Windows Media Player also provides a way to convert those formats by burning and then ripping a CD.


Step 1

Open Windows Media Player.

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Step 2

Select the "Library" tab and choose "Playlists" on the left.

Step 3

Click "Create Playlist" and enter any name in the field. Press "Enter" to create it.


Step 4

Browse your computer, using Windows Explorer, to get to the folder with MP3 files that you want to convert.

Step 5

Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on each MP3 file one by one to select them in Windows Explorer.


Step 6

Release "Ctrl" and drag the selected files to Windows Media Player to the panel on the right that says "Drag Items Here to Add Them to Your New Playlists."

Step 7

Insert a blank CD in DVD drive or CDROM.


Step 8

Select the "Burn" tab in Windows Media Player and right-click on it. Make sure the "Audio CD" radio button is selected and click "Burn [Name of Your Playlist] to drive." The CD will be ejected when burning is completed.


Step 9

Insert the Audio CD back into the drive. It will start to play automatically, so click on the "Stop" button at the bottom to end playback.


Step 10

Select the "Rip" tab and right-click on it. Then click "More Options."

Step 11

Select Windows Media Audio (WMA) under "Rip Settings: Format" as a rip format. Make notes on the ripped music location. Click "OK."


Step 12

Check the box to select all files to rip (or select individual files). Right-click on the "Rip" tab and select "Rip [CD name]."

Step 13

Browse to the ripped music folder and then to the "CD name" subfolder using Windows Explorer. The WMA files should be saved there.

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