Apple's Schoolwork App Is Ready for Teachers to Use

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Apple's Schoolwork app is finally available for teachers to use in their classrooms—just in time to prep for the fall. Together with Apple's Classroom app, Schoolwork gives teachers helpful tools to enhance the learning experience. It's designed to help both educators and students get more out of the technology they already use in the classroom.

The free app is meant to be used on iPads. Teachers can easily create assignments for students, and within those assignments they can write notes, send PDFs, and include web links.

The app allows teachers to use educational apps to assign activities to students—apps like Explain Everything, Tynker, GeoGebra, and Kahoot! are compatible with Schoolwork.

Teachers can work one-on-one with students and view and understand student progress. They can look at the overall performance of the class, and they can also check on an individual student's progress.

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