Waze Carpool Is Now Available in All 50 States

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Waze Carpool has been a thing since 2016, but only in a few states. As of Wednesday, the google-owned navigation app has finally made its carpool feature available in all 50 states.

Ride sharing already exists with Uber and Lyft, but Waze is offering the service at a much lower cost. Waze Carpool doesn't designate one driver—the drivers are commuters who are looking to earn a little extra money. It's super affordable for passengers, and the money basically just helps cover gas for the drivers—especially since drivers will essentially just be picking someone up along the way to wherever they're already going.

Waze already knows all the routes people are taking, so when a carpool ride is requested, it finds the best ride with the closest start and end points, commute time, and real-time traffic conditions.

Drivers can turn on the ride sharing feature within the existing Waze app, and those looking for a ride need to download the separate Waze Carpool app.