The Coolest Apple Watch Bands You Shouldn't Have to Live Without

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Wearing an Apple Watch is basically like wearing a tiny iPhone on your wrist. It's keeps you connected and it's stylish, but let's be honest—it can only be as stylish as the band you choose.

Whether you like to keep thing simple by wearing one watch band forever, or if you prefer to switch things up every now and then (or even daily), Casetify has your back/your wrist.

Check out some of Casetify's best options, including the newly launched denim band that'll make people think you're way cooler than you are (just kidding, you're probably cool), as well as customizable bands.


Buy it here for $52.


Buy it here for $45.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Buy it here for $66.

Magnetic (faux leather)

Buy it here for $50.

Mountain Nativo Tribal

Buy it here for $45.


Buy it here for $45.

Saffiano Leather Initials

Buy it here for $45.

Modern Rose Gold Dreamcatcher

Buy it here for $45.

Saffiano Double Tour Straps

Buy it here for $75.

Leopard Skin

Buy it here for $45.

Neon Pink and Stripes

Buy it here for $45.

Watercolor Flowers

Buy it here for $45.