Your Teens Definitely Don't Need This Gift, but You Should Get It for Them Anyway

Teenagers take way too many selfies. Adults do too, but teenagers are worse. Seriously, take a look at any teenager's phone, and you'll likely find at least 1,000 selfies. It's an epidemic.

Your teens definitely don't need any encouragement in the selfie department, but if you buy them a selfie light attachment for their phones, they'll think you're awesome, plus they'll at least spend less time taking the selfies. (The thought here is that they'll be happy with the first selfie they take since the lighting will be irresistible.)

There are plenty of selfie lights to choose from on the internet, but e.l.f. Cosmetics makes one with solid reviews and it seems very user-friendly. The Glow on the Go Selfie Light is exactly the gift you're going to hate yourself a little for giving to your teen, but they will love you a little bit harder for it — or at least roll their eyes at you a little less that day. And that's pretty worth it, right?

Buy it here for $12.